The Institute for Environmental Strategies does not stop at the analysis of the environmental crisis, but formulates suitable scientific and political strategies for shaping the ecological future of today’s industrial society

Ökopol is a self-governing company with democratic decision-making structures. Institute developments are decided upon at regular Ökopol meetings or at the annual conference.

Ökopol employs scientists and experts from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, law, economics and engineering sciences.

Current Topics

Chemicals Policy

Ökopol’s work in the field of chemicals and chemicals legislation, in particular the REACH-regulation, range from the development of practical implementation tools, such as guidance documents or IT-tools, the organisation of strategic dialogue processes, studies on the evaluation of policy success or strategic consulting ofmore

Emission Reporting

In Germany, air emissions predominantly result from households, traffic, trade and industry. The reporting on emissions is coordinated by the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) and completed in terms of the so called National emission system. The system facilitates the performance of international reporting duties (suchmore

Industrial Emissions and Best Available Techniques (BAT)

The European Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU) is the basis for harmonized permitting, monitoring and inspection of more than 50,000 industrial installations in Europe. The Directive requires the application of best available techniques (BAT) in industry sectors related with environmental impacts. Best available techniques are measuresmore

Resources and Recycling Economy

Within the framework of the paradigm of a sustainable resource management it is a main goal of the work area  waste management and resources to reduce the globally increasing resource consumption through the closing of cycles and thus contribute to the improvement of resource efficiency.more

Environmental Management

Environmental management systems are parts of corporate organisational structures which contribute to the evaluation and improvement of environmentally relevant impacts of companies. Ökopol supports the implementation of such environmental management systems in particular in small and medium sized enterprises. Apart from projects on EMAS andmore

Environmental Policy

  You can read a brief description of this topic here soon.            

Environmentally Sound Products and Product Systems

From the production and use phase until disposal, products and product systems have manifold environmental impacts. In this area, the past decades have brought numerous measures in environmental policy as well as corporate approaches that aim at the reduction of adverse environmental impacts. Ökopol canmore