Technical Expert Support during Permitting Procedure for the Coal Fired Power Station
in Lubmin by DONG Energy GmbH
Commissioned by:

WWF Project office Baltic Sea, Stralsund
Contact persons: Jochen Lamp, Cathrin Münster


Carried out by:
Christian Tebert, Institute for Environmental Strategies – Ökopol, Hamburg

The Danish company DONG Energy has applied for building and running a coal fired combustion plant at the Greifswald lagoon between the islands of Rügen and Usedom. DONG intends to use the infrastructure of a former atomic energy site, consisting of two cooling water channels, a harbour and power supply lines.
It is planned to install a nominal power of 1600 MW and 3700 MW peak power. For this, up to 9.2 tonnes of coal per minute shall be burned. 45 % of the energy will be used for electricity production; the remaining energy will be passed as heated water to the lagoon as no local heat users are available.
There are critical voices, because the site is in an area of high touristic use. The seaside resort Lubmin is situated in direct neighbourhood of the site. 20 km north of the site is the island of Rügen (with nature resorts and National Parks); 10 km east is the island of Usedom (with a nature resort).
Air emissions of the planned power station are mainly spread to east and north east, so mainly to Baltic Sea area. In the worst case scenario, DONG has calculated yearly emissions of max. 7500 tonnes of nitrogen oxides, 7500 tonnes of sulphur dioxide, 7500 tonnes of carbon monoxide, 750 tonnes of dust, 1.3 tonnes of each cadmium and thallium, 1.1 tonnes of mercury and other heavy metals, as well as 3.7 grams of dioxins and furans.
Ökopol was commissioned to check the application documents. The check focuses on the evaluation of the DONG calculation of future air pollutants. Besides plausibility checks of the calculations and forecasts, Ökopol will assess whether DONG has planned to apply the best available techniques.
Ökopol will summarize the results in a study.

If wrong assumptions or errors of calculations are found in DONG documents, the WWF plans to include them in its demurrer during permitting procedure (dead line for demurrers: 6.12.2007; discussion of demurrers will take place as from 18.12.2007).

Christian Tebert