Translation to German of the
"Best Available Techniques Reference
Document for Waste Incineration" (BREF-WI)
Commissioned by:
German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), Dessau
Scientific advisors: Michael Suhr, Markus Gleis

Carried out by:
Christian Tebert, Knut Sander, Ökopol, Hamburg

April 2006 - August 2006
The Directive on "Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control" (IPPC Directive) was adopted by the EU in 1996 on industrial installations. Objective of the Directive is the harmonisation of Europe-wide permitting practice for all industrial installations most relevant for the environment. In this way pollution into air, soil and water shall be prevented or reduced. At the same time the establishment of a Europe-wide "level-playing field and the reduction of competition distortion shall be achieved.
Aim of the IPPC Directive is the implementation of best environmental practical solutions at reasonable economic costs. For this reason "Best Available Techniques" (BAT) are to be applied by certain types of installations and for those BAT installations emission standards are to be deduced. "Best Available Techniques" shall reduce as far as possible negative effects on the environment by reducing e.g. emissions of hazardous substances into air, water, and soil at minimal energy effort, and at reasonable costs for the operator.
Reference Documents on BAT, so called BREFs (Best Available Techniques Reference Documents) were published to facilitate the implementation of the IPPC Directive. They describe in detail the "Best Available Techniques". BAT Reference Documents are the result of an information exchange between representatives of competent authorities, industry, and environmental associations. For about 3 years information is collected, discussed and edited. Subsequently the EU Commission publishes the documents in English language. About all 5 years the documents are reviewed. The information exchange is required by the IPPC Directive and has been organised by the European Commission for IPPC installations since 1997 (see
To help authorities as well as interested parties understand the documents, the Federal Republic of Germany and its regional governments of the Länder decided in 2002 to translate the essential chapters of the BREFs (see
Description of the tasks and expected results
Aim of the project is the translation of the "Reference Document on Best Available Techniques for Waste Incineration" (BREF-WI) into German language. The translation has to be as close to the original text as possible without loosing its readability. Technical terms have to correspond to the ones common in German.
Christian Tebert
Knut Sander
Michael Suhr
Markus Gleis