Steering and monitoring of transboundary shipment of (Waste) Electrical and Electronic Equipment/Scrap
Commissioned by:
German Federal Environmental Agency (FKZ 3708 93 300)

Carried out by:
Knut Sander, Stephanie Schilling, Institut für Ökologie und Politik, Hamburg

2008 - 2009

Large amounts of second-hand Electric and Electronical Equipment / e-waste are being exported from Germany to Africa and Asia . Due to this, significant quantities of harmful substances as well as secondary resources are being shipped abroad. Depending on the composition of the exported equipment and the treatment within the importing country, its disposal phase can bear environmental and human risks. In addition, efficient recycling and recovery technologies are not applied upon the equipment and therefore valuable resources are being lost. Until now only scarce data is available regarding this topic , neither are the actors and structures known nor are appropriate solutions available.

Objectives and expected results
Objectives and expected results of this project are:
  • the quantification and qualification of the exported second-hand Electrical and Electronic Equipment in particular for the Port of Hamburg, Germany
  • the elaboration of communication, organisational and administrative measures as well as provisions in cooperation with all involved stakeholders in Germany and on international level in order to protect the environment and the affected resources.
  • he development of general measures which are suitable also for other difficult product and material flows as well as overseas regions.
Knut Sander
Stephanie Schilling
Here you will find the Final Report of this project (english summery)