Study on the European Waste List (EWL)

Commissioned by:
Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management of Austria (BLFUW)

Carried out by:
Knut Sander, Maic Verbücheln, Stephanie Schilling
Institute for Environmental Strategies, Germany
April 2005 - December 2005
The European Waste List (EWL) is a basic nomenclature for defining a collective terminology. At present it contains 839 types of waste.
The list of wastes and respectively the national lists of wastes are used in different applying contexts that are in each case affiliated with varying goals. Thereby the question arises if the single goals can really be reached within reasonable time and effort with the current system.
Objectives and tasks
Ökopol has been assigned by the Austrian BLFUW to develop recommendations for the advancement of the current system of the European Waste List. In this connexion the present starting position in the Member States shall be considered as well as perspectives of possible future development and orientation towards the implementation from different perspectives and fields of application.
Within the scope of the study Ökopol will check the used lists of wastes in the EU Member States plus the guidance documents and analyse them for chosen States. After a first systematic analysis the main problems of the Member States in using the EWL will be identified. Furthermore a feasibility check will be carried out for selected lists of wastes in order to identify strengths and weaknesses by means of a systematic presentation.
Conclusions, meaning a consolidated presentation of the challenging points and possible perspectives for solutions, will be introduced and discussed at a workshop.
Knut Sander
Stephanie Schilling