Scientific advise on the EuP Directive

Commissioned by
Wuppertal Institute Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Main Contractor: German Environmental Protection Agency
(FKZ 3707 93 300)

Carried out by
Institut für Ökologie und Politik, Hamburg
Dirk Jepsen, Dr. Norbert Reintjes,


Background and tasks

Implementation of the European Ecodesign Directive 2005/32/EC (EuP directive) is progressing. BMU / UBA commissioned Wuppertal Institute Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy and as sub-contractor Ökopol within the project “Materialeffizienz und Ressourcenschonung” to support the national stakeholder in their appraisal of the EuP-related processes and documents.

Main tasks of the subproject are
(i) to critically check the work plan for the future steps of implementation to be drafted by the EU Commission as well as outlines and drafts of Implementing Measures for selected product groups,
(ii) to give scientific support for the German position finding within the European consultation process on the EuP Directive and
(iii) to support implementation of future-oriented ecodesign into praxis. These tasks are performed in reconcilement and in dialog with relevant stakeholder groups.

The Ecodesign Directive sets a framework for the regulation of binding requirements to satisfy environmental demands in the design of products run by energy. A good portion of the environmental impact of a product is predetermined by its design and construction. Therefore the EuP-Directive aims at the improvement of the environmental sustainability of energy using products in the stage of their design.

Objectives and expected results

Within Implementing Measures, corresponding standards and all elements of the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive aspects of ecodesign are taken into account as much as possible and at the same time allowing practicable solutions.

Furthermore, the project attracts the attention of German stakeholder to the significance and practicable implementation approaches of future-oriented ecodesign.

Dirk Jepsen
Norbert Reintjes