Analysis of the impact of efficiency standards
on EU greenhouse gas emissions
(Ecodesign Directive)
Commissioned by:
European Commission, DG Environment/DG Clima

Dr. Norbert Reintjes, Laura Spengler & Dirk Jepsen
Institute for Environmental Strategies, Germany

In co-operation with:
Jan Vernon, Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd, UK
Dr. Wolfgang Irrek, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
2008 - 2010
Background and tasks
The implementation of the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EU) is progressing in a fast process. Several regulations under the Ecodesign Directive are in force, draft regulations and working documents are under discussion and preparatory studies are ongoing. Although the Ecodesign Directive is not restricted to energy issues, energy consumption during use phase plays a major role in the implementing measures. The intended phase-out of inefficient appliances is meant to contribute to the EU-targets regarding CO2-emissions.
Aim and expected results

The objectives of this service contract can be described as follows:

  • Facilitate easy access to up-to-date technical discussion about the individual product groups under consideration during the Ecodesign implementation for the staff of DG Env/DG CLIMA
  • Indicate aspects with specific environmental relevance within the debate about individual product group (help to focus activities by DG Env/DG CLIMA)
  • Prepare estimations of the contribution of Ecodesign implementation to achieving the given targets to reduce GHG emissions in Europe
  • Support potential action by DG Env/DG CLIMA by providing overview in the specific opinions of different stakeholder groups regarding the approach and the level of ambition of Ecodesign implementation


Norbert Reintjes