European Database of Vehicle Stock for the Calculation and Forecast of Pollutant and Greenhouse Gases Emissions with TREMOVE and COPERT

Commissioned by:
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Main Contractor:
European Commission, DG Environment

Carried out by:
Stephanie Schilling, Institut für Ökologie und Politik, Hamburg
Knut Sander, Institut für Ökologie und Politik, Hamburg

In co-operation with:
ICCS/NTUA (EL), KTI (HU), Renault (FR), Envicon (DE)
Background and tasks

Vehicle statistics available in different European Institutions and EU Member States, as well as in international organisations provide information about general aggregate categories only, but not a detailed segmentation between fuels and vehicle technologies.

Such detailed information on the characteristics and the activity of the vehicle stock is required to produce accurate emissions inventories from mobile sources.

Objectives and expected results

The objective of this contract is to build a consistent and accurate database providing detailed information on the stock of vehicles in Europe , as a minimum for each year of the period 2000-2005, covering the requirements of TREMOVE and COPERT.

In addition a methodology for the further regular update of the database should be developed. The geographical scope of the database includes at least all EU-25 Member States, Romania, Bulgaria , Croatia , Turkey , Switzerland and Norway.

Stephanie Schilling