Commissioned by
Local Authority of Economic and Labour Affairs Hamburg

ÖKOPOL, Institute for Environmental Strategies, Germany y

In co-operation with

regional multiplicators
(local authorities, associations, chambers and companies)

2009 - 2010
Background and tasks
Based on a project of the local authority of Economic and Labour Affairs and in close cooperation with a broad range of local authorities, chambers, associations and companies from the economic region of Hamburg the regional competence network “REACH Hamburg ” was established. It was set up between April 2007 and December 2008 under conceptual and organisational supervision of Ökopol GmbH, Institute for Environmental Strategies.
By the use of different closely interlinked elements of information, coordination and consulting offers regional market actors were supposed to be supported to efficiently comply with their obligations arising from the European Regulation REACH. The project therefore targeted the gaps in existing and planned supporting activities on national and EU level.
With the activities of “REACH-Hamburg” following overall aims were tried to achieve:
  • Concrete support especially for small and medium sized companies from Hamburg during their preparation on and during the implementation of REACH
  • Support for the supply of raw materials and of market situations of companies from Hamburg by pro-active adaption to changed frameworks as a contribution to secure regional jobs
  • Development of self-supporting REACH-competencies within the region for a consolidation of a tertiary sector with good perspectives for the future.
  • Giving a sign for Hamburg as business location by EU wide promotion of a pilot project covering REACH

It was possible to reach critical REACH-target audiences by using a very targeted designation and supporting offers close to practical issues.

These are on the one hand manufacturing industries far from the chemicals sector (e.g. downstream user of chemical products) and Importers of finished goods and on the other hand small and micro companies form crafts and chemicals importers.
Grown trust by continuously participation of the REACH-Hamburg involved persons offered possibilities to discuss even difficult and controversy questions arising from the new fields of responsibility under REACH in an open and solution oriented way within this circle. By the excellent integration of some of the participants in German and European implementation processes identified demands for clarification and the respective pragmatic solution approaches are not only restricted to the Hamburg region but sending signals to other areas as well.
Objectives and expected results
As shown within the past activities very effective and sustainable structures could be established. Nevertheless in the view of present pressing problems arising through further obligations after the first REACH registration deadline 2010 there is still the need to continue with the network activities.
There will be a focusing on following elements within the further project:
  • Periodical meetings of involved multiplicators (jour fix),
  • Maintenance of current information activities via the REACH-Hamburg internet portal (,
  • Workshops on selected, up-to-date main focus subjects from REACH implementation.
It is the aim of the project to establish regional sustainable supporting structures for an efficient implementation of REACH obligations.


Ökopol GmbH
Dirk Jepsen
Local Authority of Economic and Labour Affairs Hamburg  
Wolfgang Stüver