Framework Contract on Vehicle Emissions
(Env. C.3/FRA/2009/0043) - Service request No.1: Support for the revision of Regulation No 443/2009/EC on CO 2 emissions from cars

Commissioned by:
European Commission, DG Environment

Stephanie Schilling, Andreas Gruhlke, Knut Sander
Ökopol - Institute for Environmental Strategies, Germany

In co-operation with:
TNO (NL), Ricardo (UK), IHS Global Insight (UK), CE DELFT (NL) and AEA (UK)
2009 - 2011
Background and tasks
Within the DG ENV framework contract on vehicle emissions, the consortium of TNO, AEA, Ökopol, CE, IHS Global Insight, Ricardo and TML answered a first service request of the European Commission on CO 2 emissions of passenger cars.
The aim of this project is to advise the commission on CO 2 limit values and how they can be achieved.
Aim and expected results

In a first phase, technological options will be reviewed in order to provide insight into the state-of-the-art vehicle emission reduction options including setting up abatement cost curves. In the second phase utility parameters for vehicles will be analysed, which have the potential to improve the match between vehicle classification/utility and its CO 2 emissions. The theoretic values will be put into practice in task 3, where an evaluation of different modalities to reach a given emissions target (95g/km by 2020) will be carried out.

In task 4 a review on the effects of introducing new technology on consumer behavior will be performed. These working step will allows the consortium to draw a complete impact assessment on overall transport CO2 emissions, and the contribution of going to 95g to the 2020 target.


Stephanie Schilling