REACH Guidance for Formulators of Chemical Products that are used in the Construction Sector
Commissioned by:

German Industrie association for construction products


Carried out by:
Antonia Reihlen, Institute for Environmental Strategies – Ökopol, Hamburg

2006 - 2007
Background and tasks

The new European Chemicals Regulation REACH has come into force on first of June 2007.


Formulators of preparations have a central position in the supply chain as actors between manufacturers/importers and downstream users of chemicals. By taking over an essential part as “translators” in the risk communication chain, they have to cope with new and challenging tasks.

Objectives and expected results
The project aims to develop guidance, supporting the formulators of chemical products that are used in the construction industry, in efficiently fulfilling their obligations under REACH.
The first chapters of the guidance (1) Introduction in the system of REACH, 2) preparing for REACH in the company including setting up a substance inventory and 3) pre-registration) will be printed in advance in a preliminary guidance version, in order to support enterprises in time with their preparatory activities that they have already started. Part of the so-called starting package is also an access-based training-tool providing help in setting up a substance inventory and analysing the data compiled therein.

Further chapters of the guidance will include the following subjects: implementing conditions of use in safety data sheet and exposure scenario ensuring safe use in the own company, providing of information (safety data sheet, exposure scenario where required) for the own preparations, preparing a chemical safety report by downstream users and authorisation of substances.

The guidance will be developed in close cooperation with a project group of the “Verband der deutschen Bauchemie e.V.”
Dirk Jepsen