Evaluation of an e-Learning Tool of REACH
Commissioned by:
German Federal Environment Agency (FKZ 360 12 016)

Carried out by:
Heike Lüskow, Antonia Reihlen
Institute for Environmental Strategies, Germany

December 2006 - February 2007
The new European chemicals policy REACH comes into force in June 2007. This will replace the existing system of chemicals regulation and it has consequences for all actors involved in industry and authorities. Since 2006 Ökopol GmbH has been developing an e-Learning tool in cooperation with two Danish partner organisations HSE consult and DHI water & environment. This tool aims to train persons involved with REACH with the technical content of REACH.
Objectives and results
The e-Learning tool aims to make users familiar with the vocabulary of REACH and to gain an understanding of the whole system of this new regulation. Employees from companies learn to identify their own roles so as to understand their legal responsibilities under REACH.
The project tests if the e-learning is suited to achieve this objective and if the users feel that this instrument is useful in helping them to understand the new requirements. This includes asking the staff members from companies, especially from end users of chemical substances and preparations, and from authorities if they feel confident in using the REACH-vocabulary and in identifying their roles and duties.
The e-Learning tool is designed for users who have been little engaged with REACH up to now. The additional modul "riskplatform" is addressed to persons who have no background in chemicals risks, toxicology and ecotoxicology.
Another aim is to find out which role new methods of interactive and self dependent learning can play in companies and authorities.
For this reason persons from different companies and authorities are testing this tool. Experience and findings from the test will be discussed with the participants in a workshop in February in order to get a feedback on content and method of the e-learning tool.
Dirk Jepsen