Internet Platform for the
Printing Industry on Practical
Measures of Environmental Protection
Carried out by:
Christan Tebert, Dirk Jepsen, Anne Ipsen, Stéphanie Zangl
Ökopol, Institute for Environmental Strategies, Hamburg
December 2004 - July 2005
Background and objectives
The Centre of Enterprise Information on Environmental Protection (IBU) forms part of the ministry of economics of Baden-Wurttemberg. It aims at creating an internet platform which provides information on practical measures of environmental protection for entrepreneurs.
The information provided by the platform will be divided into three groups: legislative information, aspects of interest for all sectors and measures as well as technology about some specific sectors.
One of the target groups is the printing industry. Other sectors which will receive information on the platform are for example garages, metal industry, carpentry, furniture shops and paint shops.
Proceedings and expected results
Based on Ökopol's extensive experience with the printing industry Ökopol will collect and edit relevant information on environmental protection at operational level for the printing industry.
This information will be presented in a practical manner, clear and easy to understand. A balanced proportion of texts and graphics will be emphasised.
Innovative techniques and measures will be presented for the offset printing and for the package printing sector (flexographic printing, rotogravure) as well as for digital printing and screen printing. This includes management information e.g. on controlling and efficient inventory management as well as technical measures. Examples: efficient use of materials, treatment of solvents, reduction of emissions of volatile organic solvents.
The internet platform is a fast updating alternative to the former practice of publishing environmental sector information in printed brochures. It will be possible to print the information of the internet platform similar to a brochure.
The ministry of economics of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg plans to go online with the platform by summer 2005.
Christian Tebert