Study to determine a set of relevant product related environmental criteria for vehicles and to inform the public about these environmental criteria

Commissioned by:
Belgian Federal Ministry of Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment


Carried out by:
Knut Sander, Stephanie Schilling, Stéphanie Zangl
Oekopol, Institute for Environmental Strategies, Hamburg, Germany

November 2003 - May 2004
Presently buyers have only fragmentary access to information about the environmental effects of a vehicle and have only limited possibility to compare the environmental effects of two vehicles. The most advanced information access is available for example relating to CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Other information with regard to environmental performance of a vehicle are very limited e.g. relating to the design of vehicles and their components with a view to their recoverability and recyclability or the performance in view of reuse, recycling and recovery of end-of-life vehicles and their components (see Directive 2000/53/EC).
On the other hand the producer must make those information accessible to the prospective buyers of vehicles and shall include them in promotional literature used in the marketing of the new vehicle (Article 9 of Directive 2000/53/EC).
Based on a reliable argumentation the study shall elaborate a proposal for a multi criteria model comprising the most relevant product related environmental criteria of vehicles in order to
  • enable consumers to compare different vehicles,
  • give a stimulus for vehicle manufacturers to further improve the environmental performance of their vehicles,
  • provide information for public authorities in view of policy building.
The study will make a proposal for the communication of the model and its results.
Environmental aspects of the vehicle production shall not be taken into account in this study.
The study will focus on vehicles of the category M1 ("Motor vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers") according to Commission Directive 2001/116/EC adapting Council Directive 70/156/EEC to technical progress. In doing so we will take into account the grey area of vehicles which may be registered as M1 and N1 vehicles.
However, if appropriate the respective working steps will partly include aspects with relevance for N1 vehicles.

Following tasks will be performed by Oekopol:

  • Provide an overview and analysis for product related environmental criteria
  • Proposal for a multi criteria model
  • Proposal for the communication of the model
Knut Sander
Stephanie Schilling
If you are interessted in the Final Report of this project, please contact Mr. Sander